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What do you mean by a roundtable?

It is a gathering of more 3 doctors to 12 interested in a topic from the same specialty or different specialty. The round table conference lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes, allowing each participant to share their thoughts on the topic. With COVID lockdown, all our round table conferences have been shifted online, which makes it easy and time saving for all the participants and learners to join. One key benefit is the opportunity to check the recorded version, incase any learner missed to attend.

At CME World we often organize round table conferences for different medical specialties based on themes around new developments and guidelines discussions. While participants benefit from the knowledge shared within sessions, we also share transcript of the entire discussion and key highlights which becomes a helpful document for HCPs for future references. Having a clear theme or topic helps to fuel productive conversation at our roundtable, but facilitators also play big role in driving deep discussion. Moderator plays a key role in a round table conference as he/she is the one who is chairing and often leading the discussion. This person must be articulate, confident, and knowledgeable about the topics discussed.

We understand being a good conference speaker requires a clarity and certainty of thought. Our team ensures selected of the best HCPs / Doctors who are effective and most sought-after speakers, as they know how to engage during the conference. We have capabilities to get multiple doctors national and international as well for a round table conference.

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