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The importance of Continuing Medical Education (CME) is to keep physicians up to date – allowing for better quality of care and increased patient safety. It is a great concept, but until recently doctors were forced to read medical journals or lose time and money traveling to live events to earn CME credits.

Now there is the option of online CME, giving physicians the comfort of learning from their own offices or homes. While convenient, there are still more questions to answer about online CME. Physicians simply view it as a better option than the “hassles and costs” of traveling to live CME events.

The desire to learn new therapy areas, new guidelines for better treatment and more can be the result of these online CMEs.

Our partnerships with international and national universities and associations help us to craft courses for doctors. In case a pharma company is looking to upgrade a specific therapy area for their KOLs, we work along with the pharma company and association for the best possible course which will create an impact for better patient experience.

In case credit point is required for specific CMEs, then we also work along with medical associations to offer credit points for doctors attending the CME and giving MCQs.

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