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The advancements in medical technology have tremendously improved over the past few decades. It is helping surgeons, doctors, and patients to offer and receive medical assistance easily. It is important HCPs and Doctors are aware of these new technologies, guidelines to use these and case studies on how Doctors have been using to treat their existing patients. Sharing of advancements in technology between medical practitioners via conference is one such important aspect of medical assistance that has improved. With this method, doctors and surgeons can seek medical assistance and conduct meetings virtually with other medical experts in any corner of the world.

Today, many medical professionals in hospitals and medical centers enroll for medical conference to get live assistance on surgery and update themselves with new technology. The conference is attended by doctors, CMEs, surgeons, and other professionals. They seek training and consult about a certain program necessary for a particular medical process.

At CME World we do a variety of medical conferences like
  • Connecting national and international speakers on a single platform, conduct the conference and create a transcript that can be shared with all the learners, KOLs and participants.
  • Live HD Surgery Transmission from operation theatre to the conference hall or online.

We offer complete solution for easy conferencing in a cost-effective manner.

Under the state-of-the-art technology and customized solution, medical professions can have two-way audio and video medical conferences to get proper assistance and interaction.

Our team of experts ensures that both communications remain error free, giving better learning experience via online transmission. Our two-way conference allows surgeons can interact with medical experts sitting in another country and also conduct live surgery with the assistance of experts. The HD surgery transmission method enhances the viewing of surgery with crystal clear visuals.

A medical conference is a meeting for physicians and other medical professionals. These professionals may include students, researchers, nurses, technologists, and scientists. Medical conferences are essentially a series of meetings about medical diagnostics, treatments, and cases, as they pertain to the medical specialty in which a physician practices, from primary care to surgery. Presenters and participants in the conference discuss new trends in the medical field and brush up on pertinent clinical information. Physicians learn about new technology that will help them to better serve their patients. Other topics may include new hazards in the medical community and new ways to detect diseases.

Medical conferences take place in many different locations around the world. Activities include workshops, presentations, demonstrations, and many different networking opportunities. Medical professionals are not typically required to attend medical conferences.

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