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Live lectures / Live international lectures / Webinars for Doctors

No need for long drives or train journeys, parking costs or appointments to be cancelled. The only thing you need is an internet connection, a computer, or a laptop.

Attending medical education seminars to equip with fresh findings and knowledge is always restricted due to travel and availability. With CME World, doctors can attend live webinars and if required can access them later at their own convenience. Along with it, get access to various conferences & free online medical webinars organised by both national and international associations as well as manufacturers and distributors.

It is time to opt for online medical webinars and reach out to millions of doctors in just one go!

In today’s business world, taking advantage of new opportunities requires agility, scalability, and innovation. Webinars have never had a more important role in commercial world than they do today. Attending a webinar is anytime convenient as there is a massive reduction in travel time and cost.

At CME World we provide entire offering right from engaging with associations with identifying doctors, connecting, drafting medical content, promotions on social and email marketing, etc.

These webinars help pharma and medical device companies in brand promotion and awareness.

We are all aware the google rule of 7, for any brand to have impact on its customers mindset, you need to reach out to your customer 7 times in a span of 21 days.

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